Dull Colored Faux Fur Fabric For Toy And Short Pile Faux Fur Fabric

1.Item:Faux fur fabric
2.Color: brown
4.Pile length:10mm

Product Details

Leeta Li
Whats app: +86-15250358102
Email: benny1.ruili @ jsmhint.com

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Q.What about your main markets?

   Our company main markets are southeast asia,America and Europe.Bangladesh is our biggest market and our customers are from all of the world.Maybe someone

   our customer is in your place and country.

Q.What about your Team?

   Our team is a young team,we are all around 30 years old.Our boss has much experience in the fabric industry.We also pay attention to the after-sale service.

Q.What about our customers?

   Our customers mostly are middle and small,but we also have the high quality customers.Such as HM and GU.You can trust us and our quality.

Q.When will your company set up?

   Our company set up at 2006 years,our factory has over 20 years and we sell our fabric to foreign over 10 years.