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Basic calculation formulas of us

Jun 03, 2017

Quotation is an essential part in our work, but due to the difference between metric system and  Imperial system, as well as the various ways of quotation, It is important that we list some of the usual translations below.

But first let me explain the meaning of frequently used units

gsm: grams per square meter      or       g/m^2

g/m:  grams per meter                  or       g/m

And here are the formulas and functions for how to converting between different units.

gsm*width = g/m

0.91m=1y  (y for yard)

price in kg * width * weight (in kg/m^2)= price in m

due to the constant change between RMB and USD, it is hard to give a formula of the convertion between these two, but i will offer the formula as of now 2017/6/3


If required, prices can be quoted including the shipping fees, and it is quite complicated in terms of shipping because of all the charges we need to check from time to time and sum them up together.  So if it is Sunday or Saturday here in China east eight time zone, please excause us for not quoting the shipping price for you because the we need to ask for the freight charges occasionally.


All of the shipping charges together are named S

(S+price*quantity)/quantity=price with shipping fees  (note that all of the units must be unified)

In the next episode, i will talk about the shipping costs and details of the shipping.  Have a nice day!