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Common sense of fur clothing

Oct 13, 2017

Common sense of fur clothing

As a valuable fabric, there will be more rules and regulations for fur products to be kept by you. Basically, you can make your fur "live longer" by the following 8 points:

  1. The enemy of fur is sunshine and humidity.So avoid direct sunlight and hot and humid places when you place furs.

2. Apply the hangers with shoulder pads to hang furs, and do not use wire hangers to prevent the fur from being damaged or deformed.

3. When storing fur, make sure that you have high breathability, not plastic bags, and you can use a wide cloth bag to cover the dust when needed.

4. When wearing fur, try not to spray perfume or hair spray, because the chemicals in these products contain alcohol, which can make the fur dry.

5.Don't try to dry with a hair dryer if you wet the fur.Just hang the wet fur in a dry place and let it air dry.

6. A fur garment must be cleaned by a fur expert every year, and dust and stains will be removed during the cleaning process.

7.Please put the fur on the cover of a cloth coat when you travel.Do not use plastic or rubber clothing bags because the texture will prevent air circulation and fur breathing.

8.Do not comb or brush the fur needle with a brush.