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Aug 08, 2018

The maximum length, width and height inside the container.

The height is the distance from the bottom plate of the box to the bottom of the top plate of the box, the width is the distance between the two inner liner plates, and the length is the distance between the inside plate of the box door and the inner liner plate of the end wall.

It decides to assemble

National standard container

National standard container

Capacity and maximum size of goods in the case.

DRYCONTAINER, commonly used internationally, has:

1. The outer size is 20x8x8ft 6in, short for 20 feet container (inner diameter: 5898*2352*2390mm);

2.40x8x8 feet 6 inches, abbreviated as 40 feet container (inner diameter: 12024*2352*2390mm);

And the more used 40x8x9 feet 6 inches, short for 40 feet high cabinets.

It is 11.8x2.34x2.68 meters. The weight of the allocated goods is generally 26 tons and the volume is 68 cubic meters.

45 feet high container: content volume is: 13.58x2.34x2.68 meters, the gross weight of distribution goods is generally 29 tons, and the volume is 86 cubic meters.

20 feet open top cabinet: the content volume is 5.89x2.32x2.31 meters, with 20 tons of gross weight and 31.5 cubic meters volume.



Open top cabinet 40 feet: the content volume is 12.01x2.33x2.15 meters, with a gross weight of 30.4 tons and a volume of 65 cubic meters.

20 feet flat container: the content is 5.85x2.23x2.15 meters, the gross weight is 23 tons and the volume is 28 cubic meters.

40 feet flat container: with content of 12.05x2.12x1.96 meters, with a gross weight of 36 tons and a volume of 50 cubic meters