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Coral Fleece Fabric Classification and Introduction

Jan 24, 2017

There are a lot of misunderstandings and mistakes when customers and the suppliers are negotiating business, most of the mistakes came from the wording, translation errors as well as insufficient explanations.  And that has become somewhat an obstacle of achieving an agreement between the clients and suppliers.  

Therefore, i am going to start a series of Introduction and classificaiton of the fabrics we produce.

Coral Fleece Fabric

Coral fleece fabric, can also be named fleece fabric, can be a one sided or double sided fabric.  We consider flannel and chenille as the variations of coral fleece fabric due to their similar qualities as well as the manufacturing machines.  For the amendments of the coral fleece fabric, we provide printed, brushed, tip dyed, 3d printed, drawing needle, lighting techniques or finishing processes. 


All of the coral fleece fabrics are made from poleyster, and they are usually warp knitted but there are some portion of the coral fleece which are weft knittted.  

Below are some representitive samples we've got 

Due to the soft and warm skin touch feeling, light weight as well as a little bit water obsorb property, coral fleece fabrics are usually used as pajamas, bathrobes, nightgowns, pillows, sheets and garment fabrics.  

Coral fleece fabrics weight from 150 to 400gsm, and the width can be customized from 1.5 to 2.5 meters.  Our MOQ (Minimun Order Quantity) for plain fabrics is 500 meters and for jacquard is 1000 meters.