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Cotton violence again limit! What happened to the textile market

May 30, 2018

Recently, zheng cotton once again usher in a wave, in the main contract CF1809 high to 16285 yuan/ton, up to 665 yuan/ton, CF1901 contracts the highest to 17050 yuan/ton, up more than 700 yuan/ton, position and volume significantly enlarged.

The 1905 contract was the biggest, up 810 points, and its face value reached 17,445 yuan/ton forward contracts, which were relatively popular.

Market forecast, zheng mian will again lead up spot prices.

Zheng mianduokong war is so fierce, what happened to the market?

In the last two days, you can see in the circle of friends that cotton enterprises and traders have suspended their foreign quotations.

At the same time, many textile enterprises also said, because cotton prices soared, yarn no longer accept advance payments.

It is learned that on May 15, the price of xinjiang frontier cotton with a length of 28cm and a fracture ratio of 27CN/ Tex was around 16100 yuan/ton (gross weight settlement), and the price of white cotton with grade 4 ground production was 15,000 yuan/ton.

After May 16, spot prices may usher in a new uptrend.