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Differences between knitted and woven fabrics

Aug 23, 2017

Knitted fabric and woven fabric have their own unique features in terms of processing technology, fabric structure, fabric features and finished products because of their different knitting methods.

Fabric composition

knitted: from the yarn bending sequence into the coil, and the coil string forming fabric, and forming yarns, either horizontal or vertical to horizontal weaving, known as the weft knitted fabric, while the longitudinal braid called warp knitted fabric.

woven: It is made of two or more sets of two perpendicular yarn, which is woven by warp and weft at 90 degrees angle. The warp is called warp yarn, and the transverse yarn is called weft.

Fabric characteristics

knitted: the utility model can stretch in all directions and has good elasticity, because the knitted fabric is formed by a hole shaped coil, and has larger ventilation performance and soft feel.

woven: because of woven fabric, weft extension and shrinkage is little, and no conversion, so the fabric is usually relatively tight, hard.