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Differences between warp knitting and weft knitting?

Mar 27, 2020

Differences between warp knitting and weft knitting?

The coils are arranged in the vertical direction or warp direction, and are formed by the mutual splicing of adjacent yarns. The machine used in warp knitting looks like a loom. All the yarn is wound on the warp beam, which is located behind and above the knitting area. All the yarn is fed into the knitting area at the same time.

During the splicing process, each yarn is controlled by a separate needle. However, the guide bar controls the position of the yarn and the needle used may change each time it is looped. Jacquard mechanism can be used to control the needle to produce warp knitted fabric with complex pattern. In view of the technology adopted in warp knitting, the position of yarn feeding device and the mutual splicing of parallel yarns, it is sometimes called warp knitting machine.

Weft knitting is a kind of weft knitted fabric, in which one or more yarns are arranged along the transverse direction of the fabric in order to form a loop in sequence and to form a weft knitted fabric. A weaving method in which the weft running yarn is bent up and down one by one to form a coil, which is then inserted into the loop formed by the previous yarn in turn, and then circularly wound into cloth.

In warp knitting, the method of linking warp yarn into fabric in longitudinal loop.

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