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Warp knitted suede production

Jun 24, 2019

Warp knitted suede USES island silk FDY75D/36F*37 island as raw material, and applies warp knitted high-speed textile manufacturing technology, which makes this product have advantages that other kinds of velvet can't have, and then it is processed by excellent technology, such as preshrinking, fining and dyeing.The fabric produced by this method has the advantages of soft and waxy hand, good drape, good wearability and easy to take care of.The last step is the embossed finishing process, which has become a favorite pattern, including more than 20 kinds of irregular square points, leaves, daffodils, ripples, roses and Chinese roses.The background color is also rich and colorful, adding a more charming style to the fabric.The finished product is 150cm wide and weighs about 140g per meter of cloth.This material is suitable for making the casual wear and skirt dress of a beautiful woman.At present, the upstream island silk FDY75D/36F*37 island supply is tight, people of insight think that this fabric meets people's demand for new and fashionable, so the sales prospects continue to be optimistic.