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Jan 10, 2018

DTY network wire: the network wire is the filament in the network nozzles, through the jet flow, and the filament is entangled with each other.


Complex processing used in xiamen, and DTY polyester FDY such processing, network technology and the network DTY technology combined with manufacturing low stretch silk, both of the textured yarn fluffy and good elasticity, and there are a lot of cyclical and network point, improves the tightness of filament, eliminating the textile processing of several working procedure, and can improve the ability to tow by water jet loom.

Generally, there are low elasticities, medium elasticities, high elasticities, light mesh, heavy mesh, meshless silk, low elastic light mesh, etc.

According to the network nozzle type, the first and second hot box temperature, the original wire and so on.