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Environment-friendly material

Dec 26, 2018

Generally, environment-friendly fabrics can be considered as low carbon, energy-saving, natural no harmful substances, environment-friendly and recyclable fabrics.

Environment-friendly fabrics can be generally divided into two categories: domestic environment-friendly fabrics and industrial environment-friendly fabrics.

Prospects for development:

The meeting of environmental protection and fashion,Since the second half of the 1980s, international fashion design masters have set off a trend of "ecological heat", constantly introducing environmental protection series of clothing, and entered the 1990s with the improvement of global environmental protection awareness, this craze has increased.The earth declaration kicked off New York fashion week with a show called "FutureFashion" on January 31, 2011."FutureFashion" showcases 30 sets of clothes designed and produced by many of the world's top fashion designers using continuous production materials.

Humans have been dressing for 70,000 years.From the initial purpose of covering the body and resisting wind and cold to the pursuit of comfort and beauty, the function of clothing has undergone earth-shaking changes.This change reflects both the progress of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life. The progress of science and technology makes such a change possible.People hope that clothing should not only protect themselves, but also protect the environment, and environment-friendly fiber clothing will be the trend of development in the future