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Fabrics knowledge

Mar 09, 2018

Fabrics knowledge

What are the common fabric? 58 kinds of common fabric knowledge Daquan

1, Ma: is a plant fiber, known as cool and noble fibers, it is hygroscopic, wet fast, not easy to produce static heat conduction, rapid cooling, wearing cool, sweat not close, more resistant to washing, Good heat resistance.

 2, mulberry silk: natural animal protein fiber, smooth and soft, shiny, warm winter and cool feeling, friction has a unique "silk mingling" phenomenon, has good extensibility, good heat resistance, Impatient salt water erosion, should not be treated with chlorine bleach or detergent.

 3, viscose: Wood, linters, reeds and other natural cellulose materials containing chemical materials processed, also known as artificial cotton, with the basic properties of natural fibers, good dyeing properties, fastness, fabric soft, A large proportion, drape, hygroscopic, wearing cool, not easy to produce static electricity, fluff and pilling.

 4, acetate fiber: natural materials containing cellulose by chemical processing, is willing to have silk style, light and comfortable to wear, have good elasticity and elastic recovery performance, should not be washed, poor color fastness.

 5, Polyester: It belongs to polyester fiber and has excellent flexibility and recovery. The fabric is stiff, non-wrinkle, good shape retention, high strength, good elasticity, durable and excellent light resistance, but prone to static electricity And hygroscopicity is poor.

 6, nylon: polyamide fiber, but also the so-called nylon, dyeing in the synthetic fiber is better, wearing light, and good waterproof windbreak performance, high wear resistance, strength and elasticity are good.

 7, Polypropylene: Appearance like Mao Rong silk or cotton, waxy feel and luster, flexibility and recoverability is not easy to wrinkle the proportion of small, light, comfortable clothing Shu, faster delivery of sweat to keep the skin comfortable, wear resistance Are better durable, not heat-resistant.

 8, spandex: with excellent elasticity, also known as elastic fiber, also known as Lycra, good elasticity, feel smooth, low moisture absorption, good weather resistance and chemical resistance, machine washable, poor heat resistance.