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Fake rabbit fur fabric

May 08, 2020

Fake rabbit fur fabric

Imitation rabbit hair is the imitation of rabbit hair, artificial rabbit hair.

1, real rabbit hair is invisible to the naked eye pores, all the genuine fur is so identified.The real fur body is even hair and leather together made into shoes, so when broken open to see will only be leather, and rabbit hair is very dense, but the appearance is a bundle of a bundle.Fake rabbit hair can see the textile pores.False rabbit hair is to use chemical fiber textile up, you can see the textile pores break open the roots of the hair, hair is a bundle, a bundle of bundles of bundles of bundles together, resulting in beautiful.

2, real hair silky, warm, antibacterial, dynamic air flow, light weight, easy maintenance;False rabbit hair short thorn, damage the skin, there are a lot of chemical materials harmful to human body and no beauty.