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FAQs for MOQ (you can order even under MOQ)

May 18, 2017

We have been dealing with tons of clients and customers and encountered case when buyers do not buy the fabrics frequently.  Since there are these questions about MOQ pop up so frequently, i think it is worth mensioning and list the questions that are asked most.  

1.  What is MOQ?

    MOQ stands for Minimum Order quantity, it is a line where the profit overceeds the fixed cost therefore the factory is willing to take the order because there is profit.

2.  What if my quantity is less than MOQ, can i still make an order with you?

    Since MOQ is the separate line where factory makes profit, if you are in dire need of the fabric or you are our valueable customer, it is our duty to help solve your problems.  Therefore, in order to compensate the fixed costs the have to put in, there will be a one-time charge of surchage on you.  Sometimes, we will just tell you the surcharge, and some other times, we will inform you about the overall price but keeping you informed that the price contain the surchage.  

3.  What's the fixed costs you mensioned about?

    The fixed costs are the constant cost for a designated fabric no matter the quantity.  For example, you have a 500m order and a 10,000m order, the dying cost and machine "warm up" cost and pattern designing costs are constant.  So if you use these constant figures divided by different quantity, you will see that the prices may vary dramatically.  Therefore, for small quantity, the fixed costs are requried and it will be extra factroy has to do. 

4. What is your MOQ?

    Most of the time, for plain fabrics, our MOQ is 500 meters, for fabrics with two or more colors, the MOQ is 1000 meters.  But for some fabrics that require complex technic or it is hard to control the quality such as tip dyed plush fabric, the MOQ could be as large as 3000 meters.  It is recommended that you check the MOQ with us each ordrer. 

5.  Are there any ways i could let you help me finish an order with less costs?

    The rules are there, but there will awalys be ways to  break the obstacles.  For those who want around 400 meters, calculate the overall prices the the 500 meters and your wanted meters of fabric, it is often you will find that 500 meter is even cheaper for the total cost.