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five groups in winter are not suitable for wearing thermal underwear

Nov 24, 2017

five groups in winter are not suitable for wearing thermal underwear

1.Love sweat Some thermal underwear to prevent heat out through, so easy to cause the body to sweat. Sweat in the urea, salts, etc. will be attached to the body surface and thermal underwear, if not cleaned may cause skin allergies, itchy skin, and even lead to dermatitis, eczema and other diseases.

2. Dry skin, dander patients. Dry skin, skin loss and in the past had dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin diseases or skin allergies, do not blindly pursue the novelty of the fabric, the best choice of breathable cotton underwear.

3. Allergic rhinitis, asthma patients. Thermal underwear usually contains formaldehyde, a commonly used textile auxiliaries, used in garment dyeing and make clothes become soft and comfortable. People with allergic rhinitis, asthma and other medical history, in particular, to avoid the purchase of thermal underwear without express formaldehyde content. In addition, the new clothes should be thoroughly washed before wearing to remove most of the formaldehyde remaining in the fabric.

4. Malignant tumors, cardiovascular dysfunction. If malignant tumor, cardiovascular dysfunction, bleeding tendency, should be cautious to wear or not to wear infrared thermal underwear.

5. The elderly and children. Wear thermal underwear with chemical fiber will increase the skin dry, dry skin, itching. Taking into account the absorbent and breathable, the elderly and children wearing underwear is best cotton, is conducive to skin health.