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How to clean the suede garments?

Jan 12, 2018

Commonly known as buckskin clothing is imitation suede leather clothing. There are several different fabrics in the suede leather, which can be divided into three categories.

(1) in common textiles (including different products Jingwei Textile and knitwear) coating a layer of resin based surface coating and suede generated similar leather, can genuine good quality.

(2) a thin layer of fine fluff is generated by electrostatic flocking on the surface of the textile, and the surface of a similar suede leather is formed after treatment.

(3) nonwoven synthetic suede made directly from chemical fiber and synthetic resin. This suede is the most similar to genuine suede, and it is a synthetic leather with higher grade. It is almost unrecognized by non professionals.

The appearance and feel of these different suede leather are similar to the leather suede leather, and even better than it. This kind of clothing is more suitable for hand washing, but it is not suitable for washing machine. Because this kind of imitation suede wear resistance generally speaking is relatively poor, washing conditions often can make the surface abrasion. If the condition can be used wet washing, the effect is good. The best use of neutral detergent, can use warm water, not to use hot water. It can be dehydrated, ventilated and dry, and can not be exposed to the sun.

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