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How to distinguish real fur imitation fur

Sep 27, 2017

View the fur logo

Usually logo will you tell your fur kinds of information, of course, the premise is the logo must be true and correct. In addition garment wash water standard will also provide some information. If the wash water mark in the clothing can use washing machine wash, then this must be artificial fur fur clothing.

Look at the price

Under the same conditions, natural fur prices must be higher.

View the fur table

Faux fur is either too bright or too shiny, or the hair is tangled and unkempt, and it lacks the needle.

Imitation of artificial fur animal decorative pattern, its pattern and other textiles, generally rules and orderly repeated, looks is perfect. The real animal fur pattern could not so perfect. And usually a coat need more pieces of fur patchwork, so in terms of color and pattern of unified degree could not as consistent as artificial fur. But you need to pay attention to is that some high-end lamb skin, such as one year old sheep, Tibet Tibet lamb, Mongolian lamb, decorative pattern alone is difficult to identify.

In addition, some fur, such as beavers, nutria and mink, which are usually treated with shearing, can hardly be identified by this single method.

Remember, artificial fur is artificial clothing material, they cannot have the weight of natural fur, simple sense, and fullness, so carefully distinguish, still can see the difference.

Test feel

The hair is twisted between the fingers, and the artificial fur usually has a rough handle. Sometimes it is sticky in wet weather, and the touch is similar to the stuffed toy.

Natural fur feels soft silky, hair is brushed between fingers, feeling like a pet cat.

However, with the enhancement of artificial fur simulation, the authenticity of fur can not be accurately identified by hand feeling test alone.

Check wool needle

The natural fur has a layer of deep velvet under the needle, which is the needle on the bottom.

Artificial fur hair has simple structure, no bottom pile, and the length of hair and color is very even. In addition, the more to the top, the fine animal hair, like a sewing needle. Synthetic hair usually do not have this feature.

Look at the cortex below the needles

Light blow hair to check the needle heel MAO. Natural hair growth on real animal fur. Even after dyeing, the cortex is identified. And artificial fur hair is unlikely to be below animal skins, only is a synthetic textile material texture clear.

Although the modern natural fur processing process, sometimes used artificial materials to make the base, but, natural hair must be grown on the skin, this will never change.

Check the inside of the garment lining

The most simple way is to look at clothes lining inside, fur leather side. Check the lining have enough space to let you look, or at least can into his finger to touch the view. Unwrapped clothes lining one inch size is not too difficult, difficult is fur merchants allow you are not allowed to do so. If the home has been bought, that you look at is quite simple. Natural fur leather that surface touch feeling is the feeling of suede leather, fur and normally with strip, block the way of stitching together. Of course big fur leather and fur, such as Persian sheep, goat, etc., suture blocks is bigger also, but feels sure or the feeling of natural leather on the back.

Note that natural fur is usually lined with two layers of lining, outer satin lining and lining flannel or wool lining to increase warmth.

The back of the artificial furs is usually made of woven fabrics that are evenly woven, sometimes visible as a knite-like fabric, and the artificial furs usually have no second lining.

Prick test

Take a pin and try to Pierce the fur. If the fur is easy to Pierce, it is artificial fur.

If the acupuncture process is difficult, or cannot puncture the bottom of the needle, the fur is made for natural fur.

Combustion test

Generally speaking, the natural fiber combustion and man-made fiber melt. Carefully remove the fur some hair, close to the flame. Synthetic hair like plastic melting quickly, after burning into a hard plastic ball, smells like the burning of plastic;

The smell of burning natural hair is like charred hair, and it is burned to a cinder. The combustion test should be the most accurate way to identify the present.