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How to Dye Faux Fur

Oct 17, 2018

Purchase dye made for dyeing synthetic fibers. Many companies manufacture different kinds of dye based on the fabric you will be coloring. For best results, choose a dye formulated for synthetic fabrics. Regular dye may not absorb into the synthetic fibers, or may result in patchy coloring. You can find synthetic dye in craft and fabric stores as well as online.

Protect yourself and your workspace. Dye can easily stain your skin and the surfaces in your home. To avoid this, lay plastic sheeting or several layers of newspaper over your workspace. Keep paper towels handy to clean up any drips or spills, and wear old clothes or an apron as well as rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Fill a bucket with hot water and the recommended amount of dye. Choose a bucket or basin large enough for the faux fur to fit loosely in. Read the directions on the package of dye to determine how much water and how much dye to use. Use the hottest water available from your faucet. Use a stainless steel spoon, dowel rod, or similar instrument to thoroughly combine the dye and water.

Add a pinch of salt to the basin to help the fur absorb the dye. Any kind of salt will do, and you only need a small amount, such as 1 tablespoon (15 mL). Stir it into the dye bath until it has dissolved completely.