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How to identify fabric?

May 18, 2020

How to identify fabric?

Now there are many kinds of fabrics. How to identify the texture of fabric?

This is not difficult, as long as a few yarns are taken from the corners of the fabric, they can be identified by burning.

It has a strong burning smell. The ash is black and loose and spherical. It is made of pure wool or silk fabric, while the wool is short fiber and the silk is long fiber. It can be distinguished from the shape.

It has a burning smell, and there is a gray white powder in the ashes. It is a wool viscose blended fabric.

It has a burning smell, and the ash is a hard ball. It is a blended or interwoven fabric of wool and synthetic fiber.

It has neither burning smell nor burning paper smell, but other special smell. The ash is hard and spherical or massive, and it is synthetic fiber pure or blended fabric.

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