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How to solve the uneven back of the suit?

Apr 20, 2018

How to solve the uneven back of the suit?

(1) What is the main reason that causes the back and shoulders of the suit?

        A: The Duke 550 upper sleeve is sleeved according to the set procedure. In the “programming mode”, the left sleeve or right sleeve program is programmed. It can automatically invert the image to generate the production program of the other sleeve and input the corresponding The grading value of the seam section can automatically generate all the size of the upper sleeve program, and the machine performance and sewing quality are good. The machine can process about 250 men's suits every 8 hours.

     The problem of "suit behind the shoulders" is probably due to the sewing process between the sleeves and the big body. Automatically sleeved machines can only be sewn in one direction. If the operator lacks experience or the sewing process is not precise enough, there will be a problem that the left and right sleeves and shoulders are connected and twisted, and it is a problem in the sewing process. Can not rely on ironing equipment to remedy or completely cure. In addition, the belt on the sleeve wears for a long time after use, which also affects the operation.

      (2) Which ironing equipment is usually used in the shoulder or sleeve of a suit? What are the specific differences between these devices?

       A: There are many ironing equipments that can carry out the ironing of the shoulders and sleeves. For example, armhole sleeves and sleeve mountain ironing machines are used for ironing on the small shoulders, while the sleeves inside and outside the sleeves are the ironing of the sleeves. The factory can be equipped with or add new ironing equipment according to actual needs. For a suit manufacturing company with high requirements for ironing, the ironing machines in all parts of the factory should be fully equipped.

        Take Weishi azt-c10 Sleeve Hill Ironing Machine as an example, this machine is a semi-automatic ironing equipment used in middle garment processing and intermediate hot products and finished hot products. It can be equipped with ironing tools for different parts of suits, especially suitable for installing small and medium sized moulds. ,high working efficiency. The machine is easy to operate, and the pressure and air extraction time are set by themselves.

      (3) The master responds. After using the big body ironing machine, the phenomenon of “Aurora” will appear on the clothing. What is the reason? How to solve it? Is it related to different fabrics?

        A: The problem of auroral stretching can be eliminated by taking the position of the mold and expelling steam in the state of just touching and no pressure. After the ironing equipment is used for a long period of time, the pressure and the air pressure will change, and the thickness of the cotton outside the heating film of the pressing machine will also be weakened, so that the pressure will not be heated. Clothing enterprises should pay attention to the post-maintenance during the use of the equipment to ensure that the ironing equipment can always operate efficiently and with high quality.

        For companies that provide tailor-made garments, quality is their life, and the requirements for garments are also very strict. Once problems arise in production and production, customers are not satisfied after fitting, and the factory has to do it again. Necessary economic losses. Therefore, companies may increase their training and training for front-line workers so that they can be responsible for the quality of each garment as much as possible and reduce man-made mistakes. For example, if the workers do not put the relevant parts of the garments in place during the ironing process, The heating of the mold will cause problems such as ironing not in place, which can be avoided by strengthening management.