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Oct 11, 2017

In order to promote the prosperity of the development of China's textile industry and textile market, enhance the textile industry of international trade and economic and technological exchanges and cooperation, China international textile industry branch of ccpit and Frankfurt exhibition company decided to cooperation held in China international trade fair of textile fabrics and home textiles.

The exhibition categories of the fair are divided into three main categories: first, clothing fabrics and accessories;

Second, various kinds of interior decoration fabrics;

Third, domestic textile.

"China international textile fabrics and home textiles and accessories fair" since its inception, always uphold the principle of specialization and tradable and service for the exhibitors, serve for the industry, the aim of serving the market, the expo's focus on professional audience organization, the international latest fashion information transfer and lead to substantial trade and cooperation, etc., the fair development is rapid, effective.

Got, at the same time, the fair exhibitors, visitors, and the industry's consistent high praise, they think, "China international textile fabrics and home textiles and accessories fair" is just what they need professional international trade show, this is not only fair high level of organization and service, more important is its distinct professional and promote trade and cooperation efforts, make them rich harvest.

For the purpose of regulating the reasonable layout of China's textile professional exhibition, give full play to the advantages of each subordinate unit of China textile industry association, adjusted by mutual consent, since 2001, was held in Shanghai in the fall of the year "China international textile fabrics and home textiles and accessories fair" and each spring in Beijing "China international textile expo" into "China international textile fabrics and home textiles and accessories fair" (its English name is interTEXTILE).

Time is set in Beijing in March, and in October in Shanghai.

Combined exposition by the China council for the promotion of international trade branch of textile industry, Frankfurt exhibition (Hong Kong) co., LTD., China textile information center, China association to undertake home textiles industry.

To undertake the complementary advantages of the unit, improve the operation mechanism, and guarantee the influence, high standard and international of the exhibition with its professional background and rich experience.

In order to better reflect the professionalism of exposition, from the 10th (2004), "China international textile fabrics and home textiles and accessories fair" changed to "China international textile fabric &accessories (winter) expo" and "China international home textiles and accessories (winter) expo" and held separately.

"China international textile fabric &accessories (winter) exposition" inception, the display area by the first of 4000 square meters in 1995 increased to 2006 the 11th 80500 square meters, the exhibitors also consists of the first 12 more than 100 countries and regions, in 2006 to 23 countries and regions in 2023.

These growth figures indicate a kind of development, which means the recognition and approval of exhibitors and related industries of China and foreign countries.

It can be said that "China international textile fabrics and accessories (autumn/winter) expo" has become the largest and most influential international trade show in textile fabrics in China.

At present, China's main apparel fabrics and decorative fabrics manufacturers with the annual "China international textile fabric &accessories (winter) expo" as its enterprise important business activities, guangdong, zhejiang and other places of decoration fabric enterprise even released the expo as a product of the most important places.

At the same time, the European commission has also regarded the expo as the most dynamic and promising textile exhibition in China, which has been supporting and sponsoring European manufacturers' participation.

Germany, France, Britain, Spain, Belgium, Italy and other countries participate in each expo in the form of exhibitions, seeking opportunities for trade and cooperation.

From aspects of the professional audience to visit the expo, "China international textile fabric &accessories (winter) expo" has become China's garment enterprises of sampling design and purchasing department order the preferred exposition, distributors, wholesalers and agents of all kinds of fabrics products also take this fair as order and understand the international fashion trend of the first places every year.

2006 expo attracted a total of 2006 countries and regions of 52295 trade visitors, including overseas viewers accounted for about 20% of the total number of audience, which fully embodies the "China international textile fabric &accessories (winter) exposition" growing international.

During each session of exhibition, in addition to the normal of the exhibition and negotiate, and a series of colorful technology exchange meeting, this includes the latest international fashion trend and related products company new product introduction and the expo organizing committee organization of industry, market and trade policy seminar.

More and more mature interTEXTILE will continue to strengthen China's trade with countries around the world in the field of textile, expand international exchanges and cooperation between industry, to promote the development of China's textile industry and market prosperity.