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introduction of sherpa

Aug 11, 2017

introduction of sherpa fleece fabric

Shu velveteen fabric, that is, weft corrugated cashmere, 288F. Feel soft, no hair loss, can not afford the ball, style diversity. Is the rise of nearly two years, popular knitted fabrics. Its widely used in clothing, toys, bedding products, production and processing, at home and abroad by the majority of garment factories, supermarkets, traders of all ages. Shu cotton production technology from the United States, after the introduction of technology into South Korea, not long ago into China. English name: Shu Velveteen It is cottonseed ovule epidermal cell protrusions to extend the thickening of the single-cell fiber, the main component of cellulose, some varieties of up to 90% or more. Length of 13mm or more short hair can be used for spinning, shorter than 13mm for the cellulose raw materials. It is similar to fleece, but also filamentous plush texture, warmth better. Used for plush toys, blankets and clothes lining, and now also popular lining in the gift, casual shoes surface. It is polyester filament through the large circular machine (small and medium), through the weaving, made of two production, the final dyeing processing for the cost.