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Italian companies have entered the central Europe fashion dream factory into a new heights of entrepreneurship

Mar 20, 2019

Denis sonoilli, head of brand operations for Italian fashion luggage brand shiyi, is in talks with vendors in hangzhou and ningbo.

Denis sonoilli is an Italian based designer based in keqiao, China. In September 2018, the Italian luggage brand shiyi will open its doors to the Chinese market at ceibs fashion dreamworks in the China textile building.

According to huang yanting, who is in charge of sino-europe fashion dream factory, at present, there are 20 enterprises registered in sino-europe fashion dream factory, among which 14 are wholly foreign-owned enterprises in Europe and 6 are sino-foreign cooperative enterprises.

Most foreign companies from Italy, these brands involved in the wedding dress custom, men's, women's, casual clothes, watches, bags, etc., by 2020, central Europe fashion dreamworks will introduce 100 European fashion companies, drive KeQiao fashion industry development, central Europe fashion dreamworks will become KeQiao transformation and upgrading of traditional industries of the new engine.

Italian clothing, luggage brands have entered the central Europe fashion dream factory

After talking to Denis sonoilli, we learned that the brand she brought to us is her family business, which has been around for more than 50 years.

She came to keqiao because she saw the huge consumer market in China and hoped to establish the "shiyi" brand in China.

KeQiao secco tai garments co., LTD. Is the Italian fashion brand "MMNF" registered in KeQiao operating company, is located in central Europe fashionable dreamworks, Italian Raffaele tells a reporter, "MMNF" have been created in Italy for 5 years, selling t-shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, etc., its characteristic is the patterns of the costumes and text, is very popular with young people.

Now in addition to Italy, the United States, dubai also have this brand, the annual sales of 5 million euros, next want to expand the market in China.

Raffaele said: "recently, popular logo stores in chongqing, fuzhou, Shanghai and chengdu have been confirmed for sale through the connection with dealers, and the market prospect is promising."

Driving the development of keqiao fashion industry

Huang yanting is a Chinese who grew up in Italy and whose family has established itself in fields such as clothing.

Huang yanting made great efforts to set up the central Europe fashion dream factory.

As early as 2017, he organized various Italian industry associations, financial organizations, universities and enterprises to visit keqiao.

The results pleased the italians, who were attracted by the fabric industry.

Italy is one of the most prosperous countries in the fashion industry, with a high proportion of its exports and many Italian companies keen on foreign markets.

In just a few months, Mr. Huang's china-europe fashion dream factory has attracted a number of Italian companies.

Raffaele, an Italian, said: "you can buy any fabric you want in keqiao. In the future, the company will move its fabric procurement and production base to keqiao, which will drive the development of keqiao fashion industry."

Help foreign businessmen to do a good job landing service

After the foreign enterprises are settled in China, ceibs fashion dream factory also needs to provide relevant landing services, including helping foreign enterprises to carry out industrial and commercial registration and brand registration, providing them with office, exhibition and accommodation places, and helping them connect with domestic dealers to open the market.

Huang yanting said, "central Europe dream factory will introduce more excellent Italian and European middle and high-end brands to keqiao, and take keqiao as the stronghold to radiate other cities in China, so as to drive the fashion taste of keqiao and the transformation and upgrading of keqiao industry.