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July 14th textile three major raw materials price quotations Morning Post

Jul 14, 2017

Cotton (7.13): spot adjustment dominant, Xinjiang Akesu, 28, 29 level double prices 15800-16100 yuan / ton, Shandong, Xinjiang 3128/29 offer 15800-16300 yuan / ton (male, strong 26-27), the actual negotiations concessions, many businesses of high and low level of bundling. At present, some businesses procurement strategy for more, fell down on the purchase part, while rising up on the sidelines, so the market as a whole into a state of anxiety.

Polyester staple fiber (7.13): morning PTA futures market trend of strong shocks, polyester, polyester staple fiber also stronger finishing, individual manufacturers offer a slight increase, Jiangsu and Zhejiang 1.4D direct spinning polyester staple fiber factory mainstream price 8150-8300 yuan / ton range, relative to the mainstream discourse or in the 8050-8200 yuan / ton near the factory, some slightly higher near 8250-8300 yuan factory / ton.

Viscose staple fiber (7.13): the price performance is strong, high-end manufacturers perform not less than 16000 yuan / ton, production and marketing momentum is still good, manufacturers supply tight, still maintain control signing. In the end of the mainstream manufacturers negotiate the focus of 15600-15800 yuan / ton, the high 15900-16000 yuan / ton.