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Knitted jacquard fabric

Jan 03, 2018

Features of jacquard fabrics:

1/ In practical production, small jacquard fabric of an organization to yarn-dyed multiple, all or part of a different color yarn, or use different materials, different fineness, twist, twist to the weft yarn is tie-in, can also use the fancy yarn.

2/ Small jacquard weave fabric appearance is tight, careful, the pattern is not very prominent, exaggerated, use in the thin fabric more, and the application is becoming more and more extensive.

Jacquard knitted fabrics:

It refers to a knitted fabric that is woven by a jacquard group.Jacquard fabrics can be divided into home textile materials and fashion fabrics. As early as the ancient silk road, Chinese silk became famous in the way of jacquard weaving.Jacquard is for two-sided fabric, with full jacquard and incomplete jacquard;In the process of weaving jacquard, all the needles in the needle are engaged in a ring of complete jacquard, and the needle is a ring of incomplete jacquard.