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Knowledge of plush toy fabrics

May 12, 2018

Commonly used toy fabrics.

(1) Velboa:

Many styles, see wide company thin color is clear, do bean bag is very popular in recent years, popular in the us and Europe TY beanies most is the material, we produce wrinkle bear is also belong to this category.

Check the quality to be careful: the wool surface softness, general wool falls down the quality is inferior, but the printing cut wool cloth will have a bit, not serious should be acceptable.

General plush (including plush cloth, clipped hair), if the gram is low, the hair is easy to fall down, the quality inspection should be noticed.Long hair cut hair clothes not easy, short hair, fabric is thin, so also want to check, wool length should be in commonly 2.5 3.5 mm, normal is 3.00 mm, curly cut hair clothes can reach 5-10 mm, relatively heavy gram is higher also, wool length requirement, please indicate when signing a contract is usually 3 mm g is 450 g/Y - 480 - g/Y, please indicate special.The other hair cloth also has hair direction.

(2) plush cloth:

A, A yarn (also known as ordinary yarn, BOA material), divided into:

There is light yarn: the average is glossy, in the light of the hair to different can be separated into the Yin and Yang.

Matt yarn: a matte, basically non-yin-yang noodles.

B, V yarn (also called special yarn, T-590, Vonnel) has flat shear cloth (Even Cut) and long and short hair (the Cut). The hair length is around 4-20mm, which is the middle grade.

C, Hipile (Shanghai, plush) : MAO within 20-120 - mm long, 20 to 45 mm range can do any hair long, more than 45 mm is only 65 mm and 65 (110) mm, length of hair, because the original yarn quality affect Hipil obviously, therefore, we should ask plush factory to use Japan mitsubishi level above the original yarn, wool should be straight, not curly.

D. others:

1. Curly hair (rolling hair) :

Most of them are grainy, lambs, or hair roots are bunches, which are rolled up.Usually used to make more classical toys, the hair length is up to 15mm;The price is much cheaper relative to the sea pie.

It is usually long, and the curl is loose. There are many styles to choose from.

2. Super soft material: it has been used, the material is very soft;Note that the original yarn is different and the price will be different.

3. And D.D.F: it is a kind of H.P., hard straight, high grade material, usually mixed color.

E. The plush printing materials include: 1. Printing;2. Jacquard;3. Tip -dyed :(like the open book of mixed hair glasses);4. Miscellaneous colors;5, two tone, etc.

Note: check the plush cloth quality depends on: 1, the density of wool cloth with soft nap, weight, feel the smoothness (i.e. show the yarn is not serious, erect or lodging, MAO plush factory, and this had a greater influence on the finishing quality);2. The quality of the original yarn and the quality of weaving cloth affect the smooth effect;3. The quality of shearing affects the hair height;4. Dyeing accuracy affects color;5. A large area of hairy surface effect: whether the wool surface effect is fuzzy, erect, smooth, there are all normal indentation, wavy grain, random hair and other abnormal phenomena.The above aspects can be used to judge the quality.

Of course, there are different requirements for different grades of products, we should learn to judge the acceptance of the scale, the most insurance is to confirm the plate before the order, according to the board.

Plush factory generally every new development, different style handle, qualitative, curly, rolled bundle effect of new varieties for toy factory design new style, we should take the initiative to find out the name of the new specification attributes, in order to make accurate classification and application.


(3) velour: similar to shear cloth, but the hair length is about 1.5-2mm, and the elasticity is relatively large.Glabrous to.


(4) T/C cloth: (composition: 65% Polyster,35% Cotton)

1) 110*76: thicker, used in prints, or require higher density of products, not easy to loose.

2) 96*72: second;Less dense.

3) 88*64: again.Because the tissue is loose, it is usually required to make a light slurry in order to avoid the gap of the car and cause the explosion.

2) and 3) are usually used for lining.Use the time to choose according to the grade of the product, use.


(5) Nylex, Tricot: it is also divided into ordinary Polyster and Nylon side Nylon, which are usually used in common type.Cuttings production, printing, embroidery is relatively easy, cutting piece printing cases must control catch hair, hair not long (usually less than 1 mm), or have difficulty in screen printing, color is not easy to permeate, easy to rub off.

Nylon boron fabric is rarely used, only when the special product requires strong adhesion, such as the beach hat we made before.Moreover, the minimum quantity is required to be ordered in Korea, so only special products are considered for use.


(6) Cotton (100% Cotton) : used for making more expensive prints, thicker than T/C cloth.


(7) ji flannelette (Felt) : pay attention to the thickness and the soft hardness, divide into two kinds, ordinary polyester and acrylic we usually is used in the ordinary polyester, a hard, thickness of about 1.5 mm, the acrylic is soft, loose easily rotten, commonly used in the gift, less used in toys.


(eight) PU leather: is a kind of Polyester, not genuine leather leather.Notice that the cloth is different in thickness.


Note: now all toys can not use PVC material, PVC contains excessive amounts of deadly toxic elements, should pay attention to when purchasing so cannot belong to PVC material properties. As for as the packaging material, some guests accept PVC material, some do not accept, be very careful.


(9) twill (heavy T/C) : cotton or T/C, thicker, with clear lines.


(10) people's cloth: measure the texture according to the count;Should be chosen according to the grade and use of the product.


(11) knitted fabric: the weight of the weight is divided into the mass, the cotton or T/C, and the fabric is more elastic.


(12) electronic velvet: thin and bright, but not soft enough.


(13) polar fleece: single coat, double grip, soft feel, but flexible.


(14) velvet: there are several grades, and the difference between them is soft and the price is relatively high.


Flannelette (15) (flocking Material) : the single side, double side, if single flocking cloth, thickness hardness is different, the price is different also.


(16) Satin: usually it is not easy to sew, too soft and easy to walk.


(17) water wash, Nylon Taffeta: there are wrinkles on the cloth, some products will be used because they can be washed, but the stitching can not be done properly.


Nylon cloth: 170T, a kind of nylon cloth, very thin and cheap, can be considered as inner lining;Ordinary nylon cloth: 190T;Thick nylon cloth: 210T;Oxford cloth: over 420T.


(19) terry cloth: Cotton (Cotton) : high, coarse, and coarse, used on toys to make Cotton not easy to run out.

T/C: smooth, smooth, and used for baby products, bathing products, etc., note that the bottom cloth should be thick and can not penetrate cotton.


(20) other: denim, flash cloth.

Note: when determining the fabric quality and unit price, be sure to pay attention to the width of the door, weight, density and length of the hair. Don't just look at one value, but ignore the other conditions.





1. Eyes (plastic eyes, crystal eyes, cartoon eyes, movable eyes, etc.

2. Nose (plastic nose, stuffed nose, bag nose, matte nose, etc.);

3. Ribbon (Ribbon);Specify the color, quantity, or style, please note the number of orders.

4. Plastic bag (American products are commonly used in PP bags, which are cheaper, European products must use PE bags;PE bag is less transparent than PP bag, but PP bag is more fragile and fragile. PVC is only used as packaging material (DEHP content must be limited to 3%/ m2).Heat shrink film is used in color box packaging as a protective film.

5. Carton :(two kinds)

Double stare blankly A = B, A = C, B = B, B = C, C = C, three and three B (such as backpack series with such), unless specified by customer, usually use A = B, export carton size small export carton can consider to use B = B or B = C.To order cartons;Should be to choose the real suppliers, to provide all kinds of paper, make sure a cardboard-box factory pay attention to each may be different, choose the real, at the same time should also pay attention to the quality of each batch of replenish onr's stock, to prevent the supply commercial nanocrystalline nickel pretend to be the real thing, the other degrees, the weather is wet monsoon climate factors may cause bad effects to the paper.

Single-leng B33, C33 and so on usually make the inner box, or domestic delivery of the turnover box, the outer paper and the quality of the inside of the carton determines the carton's hardness.

6. Cotton: 7D, 6D, 15D, and sub-a, B and C. We usually use 7D/A and 6D less.Low-grade products or fortified products with a very full and very hard product apply 15D/B or C.7D is very smooth and flexible, and 15D is thicker and harder.

According to fiber length, it is divided into 64MM and 32MM cotton.The former is used for manual punching cotton, which is used for machine washing.

The general practice of our company is to make cotton loose cotton, to make sure that the cotton work * is correct, there are enough loose cotton times, so that the cotton fully loosen to achieve good elasticity.If cotton is not effective, it can be a waste of cotton.

7. Colloidal particles (PP and PE), diameter should be greater than or equal to 3MM, and the particles are smooth and smooth.The products exported to Europe are usually made of PE more environmentally-friendly, and export to the United States except the special requirements of customers, available PP or PE, PP is cheaper.All export products must be packed in inner bags unless specified by the guest.

8. Plastic accessories, plastic accessories, available ontology cannot change, such as size, size, shape, or need to open mold, general plastic mould cost expensive, thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of yuan, depending on the mold size, technology difficulty, mold material selection, production normally production orders under three hundred thousand, will be the mould cost.

9. (color) print: includes color box, tag, sticker, etc., is directly related to the price of color printing and orders, if the order is small, the number of printing paper, less likely to cause off color, color is not uniform, factory loss ratio increases, so the unit price will be on the high side.

To carry out the print of the unit price should pay attention to whether including film, proofing (print - proof), the gel polish (coating), and other expenses, specify the design to the customer, best film and color paper, provided by customers and color ratio (the proportion of four-color CMYK), which can speed up the plate speed and accuracy.

10. Cloth mark and woven label: it is necessary to use 21 pounds of tension, so it is necessary to use thick belt instead.

11. All kinds of cotton belt, ribbon, wire rope and rubber band of various colors: it is important to distinguish the quality of raw materials and the influence of the product quality and cost.


12. Velcro, clasp and zipper: magic stickiness should be high (especially when functional requirements are high).

Can choose zipper, # 5 zipper generally conform to the requirements of the EN - 71 and ASTM test, can be suitable for all the products of the age, # 3 zipper in tension and torsion tests might not pass, usually only for products suitable for three years of age or older.

Design and order stock before, should first understand the product scope, order and feeder, to special remind suppliers must comply with the relevant safety standards, pay attention to the element content of dye (oil) must conform to the standard.

※ toys have a lot of fabrics, here, not one.More knowledge is due to the accumulation of common knowledge and constant learning.To understand the material, the way is more, remember more, ask more, especially to ask questions to suppliers, record the correct name for the materials specification, understand all aspects of the material performance, at the same time give special attention to the different specifications, different manufacturers price.Make appropriate judgments about quality and suitability for use when choosing suppliers.


A fashion.

Because the outer fabric can be seen and touched, it is easy to reduce the cost, the most likely to steal the machine is the stuffed toys.Inside the filling material is different, the feeling of fashion when rebound ability, toys, add filling the natural distribution uniformity of content, and filling content on the toy itself after washing the pollution degree is different.In general market, the main use of the added charge is from low to high foam, sponge, cotton, PP cotton (three dimensional cotton), PP vacuum cotton (three dimensional vacuum cotton).There is also a mixture of the two.For the latter, we will introduce later.Among them, high quality PP cotton, PP vacuum cotton.And the best is PP vacuum cotton.Every fibre of it is hollow.Therefore, no matter how twist and press, PP vacuum cotton will bounce back to its original state very quickly.But because its cost is very high, so now formal market application more still is PP cotton and pengshan cotton.And PP cotton rebound ability and fluffy effect is better than pengjiao cotton.The quality of penga cotton is better than sponge and foam.Poor for sponge and foam.In these materials, PP cotton is more than a few times more expensive than foam, and it is much more expensive than cotton.So there are a lot of manufacturers to fill in the articles to get higher profit margins.

The following is a comparison of several typical materials and PP cotton: foam pellets are used as filling materials, which have a distinct layering effect when compared with PP cotton, and the filling material is not evenly distributed.Spongy cotton, compared with PP cotton in the grip of uneven hardness, rebound speed too fast;The cotton is more than PP cotton in the grip of the hand feel hard, not easy to rebound, after grasping the obvious pit feeling, the filling material distribution is not even.There are a few bad molecules that use a lot of contaminated, toxic materials to fill the material.With this kind of material processed into plush toy looks can't see anything, but fashion sense no PP cotton toys made of elastic, soft, rebound effect is poor, and since the poor quality of filling material, the wash the dirty will happen.If you can distinguish between the good and the bad, you can say that the chances of being cheated are much smaller.


Second, the drag

Although the outer fabric can be seen and touched, it is not easy to distinguish the differences between different fabrics.We start with a simple way to pull the plush toy's surface with your fingers.We know that the outer fabric is usually knitted by the warp and weft threads, which are then attached with short plush or other plush.Well made fabrics are not easy to shed with the fingers, and imitation or counterfeit is very easy to shed.This is due to the quality of the outer fabric in the weaving process, the warp and weft line is very tight, the attached plush is not easy to be pulled down.


Three, touch

There are many kinds of plush toys.Such as short plush, hemm and so on.This allows us to distinguish the quality of the outer fabric to form a certain difficulty.But we can still make a difference through simple touch.When you touch the surface of the fabric with your hands, the quality of the fabric will not lose its hair, and it will feel soft.Some fabrics that have been treated with super softness feel softer.And the fabric with poor quality, easy to lose hair, feel a bit hard, some even let a person can not produce the desire to buy.Because the quality of the fabric processing is relatively complicated, so the cost is increased.


Four, on the sidelines

Watching can tell us the difference between a toy and a toy.(1) color (2) the charm of the shape by watching, no matter how we feel about the overall shape of the plush toy, there will be a feeling.This feeling is actually the highest quality of a toy -- verve.Designed and well-made plush toys give a very cute, very attractive feel.This is verve.Poor products don't feel that way.The realization of this kind of verve is not only the transmission of the eyes, but also the placement, proportion, overall posture and so on of the components of the whole parts of the toy.And that feeling is actually the first feeling.