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Laika China advanced textile innovation center opened

May 29, 2019

ATIC, a leading global supplier of fibers and technical solutions for the apparel and personal care industries, today announced the establishment of its new advanced textile innovation center (ATIC) in the south China sea.

Covering an area of 4,500 square meters, the innovation center is laika's fourth r&d center in the world.

The creation of the center will greatly enhance the U.S. -based company's global research and development capabilities.

ATIC scientists will help fabric factories, brands and retailers in Asia that use LYCRA's branded textile solutions, as well as other overseas companies sourcing locally, improve production efficiency and optimize their fabrics and garments, including LYCRA®(LYCRA®) fibers, LYCRA (LYCRA) HyFit® fibers, COOLMAX® fibers and THERMOLITE® fibers.

The researchers will also work with customers to gain insight into industry opportunities and develop and commercialize new polymer, fiber and textile technologies.