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Laika China advanced textile innovation center opened

Jun 19, 2019

Laika corporation, formerly known as invida clothing and advanced textile business, has been operating independently as a subsidiary of shandong ruyi investment holding group since January 31, 2019.

The company has retained the leadership team of the headquarters in the United States, supported by its major shareholders, and will vigorously develop the business to a new height.

Known for its history of revolutionizing apparel and revolutionizing the fashion industry, laika will continue to focus on compliance, quality, innovation, brand building and marketing to ensure superior service to our customers.

Lycra operates in 14 countries, including 4 r&d laboratories, 8 manufacturing sites and 17 offices, serving customers worldwide.

Lycra has more than 1,000 patents and applications, more than 2,300 registered trademarks and nearly 250 unique brands and logos.