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lamb fur fabric

Apr 25, 2018

Lamb wool, the general component is 100% polyester, or blended with acrylic fiber.Can also be 100% pure wool, or wool and chemical fiber blend.

The lamb itself is not a standard term, it is a trade name, belonging to super fine wool, between cashmere and ordinary wool, belonging to high grade wool.

There are two kinds of lamb fleece, which are really ultrafine wool and select long wool.Fake lamb wool is actually imitation cashmere.

Imitation cashmere (fake lamb) chemical composition is 70% polyester, 30% nitrile.With high speed warp knitting machine, we can produce various kinds of plush fabrics, such as super soft and short plush, pearl pile and so on.It is widely used in clothing and toys.

The method of identification is to use fire on the root hair silk thread. If it is ash, it can be crushed to be true wool, if it is burnt, it is false wool.