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lamb fur fabric classification and introduction

Mar 18, 2017

Lamb fur fabric can also be named as wool fabric, fake lamb fur fabric, fake wool fabric, faux fur/artificial fur fabric, etc; because it's composition is wool, polyester or blended afterall.  The lamb fur fabric is somewhat similar to sherpa fabric and faux fur fabric: the fabric surface looks like the style of sherpa but more close to the real wool fabric, but the bottom is almost as hard and firm as faux fur fabric due to its heavy weight.  There aren't so many technic or finishing process in terms of lamb fur fabric production because of the wool contained in the fabric.  In general, there are only jacquard, tip dyed and bleached.

Lamb fur fabric is made of purely polyester, wool or blended as mensioned above, and the majority of the lamb fur fabrics are warp knitted, while the rest are weft knitted.

Unlike other light weight fabrics we have, faux fur fabric as well as lamb fur fabric are usually quoted under ?/m while the others are quoted under ?/kg.  And because of the different wool possibly contained in the fabric, customers might provide with photos or pictures of their wanted fabric in order for us to precisely quote on.  But the sample lead time is the same as others.

The polyester lamb fur fabrics are mostly used as garment lining materials because of its fluffiness and sometimes they are used as blankets.  But for wool lamb fur, they are often used as blankets but not lining materials.  The cuttable width for lamb fur fabric can be varied from 1.5m-2.1m, and the jacquard or plain does not effect the width.  

In addition, we offer polyester/acrylic lamb fur fabrics for you to choose from.  And below are the representitive lamb fur fabric photos: