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long pile faux fur

Sep 20, 2017

The plush is made of two sets of warp yarns (ground warp and hair warp) and a set of weft threads, which are made of two pieces of fabric with the same plush.

It has the characteristics of smooth suede, full length of hair, soft and fluffy texture and thick texture.

Plush is usually made of cotton thread as the warp and weft yarn, only wool is used in wool yarn.

Can be divided into plain color, clip flower, printing, jacquard etc.Suitable for winter women's wear, children's wear, clothing, collar, hat and sofa, etc.

Plush plush is sure to be plush and keep warm.

The plush velvets are full and smooth, full of fat, elasticity, good thermal insulation, comfortable feel and comfortable feeling.

Product advantages:

Woollen fabric large circle machine weaving, weft knitting, ingredients: polyester or polyester blended or all-fine nylon, door width 150-185cm.5-110 - mm.Weaving procedure: fiber dyeing, wool, and strip, machine weaving, shearing, shaping, ironing, packaging.

Plush breed of design and color is more, there are mainly plain, jacquard (up to five jacquard color), blowing flowers, cut flowers, furrowing, steaming, rolling, maojian tea dyeing \ fade, maojian tea bleaching and dyeing, and composite etc.The coil is 30-45 meters long, packing: inside is plastic bag, outside is woven bag.No azo and other hazardous materials.Suitable for garments, home textiles and other products.

Plush can be made with suede (wag) to make glue (flame).It can also be printed.