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Merino wool

Nov 29, 2017

The wool of the merino sheep.The world's fine wool varieties are produced from merino sheep or sheep that are predominantly of the merino

Merino wool, the most fine up to 80, most in 60 ~ 70 range;

Wool yarn length 4 ~ 10 cm, end flush, glabrous in fiber pulp, cortex and cortex or bilateral structure of parallel arrangement, form a dense and uniform curly (4 ~ 10 / cm), fiber surface covered with a fine scales, high oil content, net rate than the average half fuzz and long wool is low, after washing the color white, silver or the elegant like pearl luster.

Merino wool spinning has a good performance, high spinning support, soft and elastic, suitable for making fine worsted fabrics.

It also has a good fulcrudness and is also a good raw material for the rich and tightly woven fabric.

The merino sheep were first bred in Spain in the 15th and 17th centuries.

In different parts of the natural environment and breeding management condition, derived form the merino sheep of each group: such as Spain merino rambouillet, France merino, Germany Saxony merino, Australia merino, American merino merino, South America and the Soviet union merino, etc.

The merino clan system of wool quality is slightly different, but because all come from the same progenitor system, its genetic stable performance and wool are of good quality, can be as high, middle-grade worsted and woolen materials.

Is given priority to with merino lineages of fine wool sheep all over the world, its wool quantity production accounts for about a third of the world wool production, including Australian annual merino (wool) about 350000 tons, equivalent to 40% of the world's fine wool production, is the biggest producer and supplier of merino wool.

Australian merino wool can be divided into: ultrafine wool, more than 70 quality support, with an average diameter of 18 microns and a length of 5 ~ 9 cm.

Fine hair, quality support 70 ~ 66, average diameter 18 ~ 20 micrometers, length 5 ~ 10 cm;

Medium-size wool, the quality support is 66 ~ 64, the average diameter is 20 ~ 22 micrometers, the length is 6 ~ 11cm;

Coarse type hair, quality support 64 ~ 60, average diameter 23 ~ 25 micrometers, length 6 ~ 12 cm, etc., the woven fabrics are suitable for use as medium, high-grade until high quality material.