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Plush Toys Fabric Knowledge Introduction Plush Toys Fabric Material

May 04, 2018

Plush Toys Fabric Knowledge Introduction Plush Toys Fabric Material

Brief introduction of short velveteen: Short velveteen fabrics are the most fashionable fabric in the world. The surface of this fabric is covered with standing fluff. The pile height is generally about 1.2mm, forming a flat pile, so it is called velveteen.

Short velveteen features:

1. The velveteen surface is covered with villi, so the hand feels soft and elastic, the gloss is soft, and the surface is not easy to wrinkle.

2, thick hair, and the surface of the hair can form an air layer, so good warmth.

The appearance of the short velveteen: The appearance of the fine velveteen should be upright, straight, smooth, smooth, smooth, smooth, smooth, smooth, elastic, and other requirements.

Pine Needles Introduction: The pine needles are made of FDY polyester filaments and the embroidery threads are made of raw materials, combined with the line technology and artificial fur technology. The fabrics made of polyester filaments are mainstream products, and new fabrics have been developed. Combined with the technology of line-making and artificial fur, the product has unique style and strong three-dimensional effect.

The advantages of pine needle velvet: it can display elegant and rich, but also reflect the gentle and beautiful. As a result of changing fabrics, it caters to consumers' "creating new ideas, seeking beauty, and seeking fashion". This kind of cotton looks very upscale, for example, many bears will use this kind of fabric, but nowadays, the phenomenon of substandard filling is very serious.

Rose Cashmere Introduction: Because the appearance of a spiral, like a rose, it becomes a rose.

Rose cashmere features: comfortable, beautiful, noble, easy to wash, but also has a good warmth.