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polar fleece

Oct 18, 2017

Polar fleece: general is polyester (100% polyester).

According to the specification of polyester, it is divided into: filament, spun and micro-polar fleece.

The ultra-fine quality is best and the price is highest.

In addition, there is a drop-needle polar fleece, which also has a larger proportion.

The same texture, and the Spandex Spandex, because the quality is harder to master, the technology is still to be improved.

It is the cheapest in zhejiang, but the quality is very difficult to tell. The quality of Shanghai's rolling grain is ok, but the price is on the high side.

Suzhou price and quality are between the two, in the middle position.

Polar fleece is a small piece knitting structure, in the great circle machine woven, woven fabric after dyeing first, after again hair, comb hair, shearing, anti-pilling and a variety of complex finishing processing process, positive napped fabrics, anti-pilling fluffy dense and difficult to shed, pilling, opposite thin thin hair, well-balanced, hairs short, texture clear, soft, flexible organization.

It is the first choice of winter to keep warm in winter.

The wool is divided into long and short fibers:

The price of short-fiber shake wool is slightly higher than that of long staple.

Staple polar fleece generally woven from 32 s polyester yarn, the English (100% polyester spun polar fleece) hemp gray polar fleece it also belongs to staple polar fleece.

Long fiber shake granule is generally made of polyester filament yarn, which can be made from 100% polyester 150D96F, 150D48F, 150D144F, 150D288F, 75D72F, 75D144F, 100D144F, 100D288F, etc.

Of the English express of it (100% polyester filament polar fleece), in general, the higher the F value, fabrics of inductive super good, the higher the price of polar fleece is.

Such as 100D144F, 150D144F, etc. They are already belong to ultrafine granule.

Long fiber polar fleece can be divided into low stretch silk polar fleece (DTY), a light silk (polyester FDY such) their English expression is (100% polyester Micro - polar fleece).

In general, the length of the long staple of the blanket is much more.

They can be used for clothing, and prices range from 300 yuan to 2,000 yuan.

In addition, it can be used for bedding, carpet, coat, jacket, vest, windbreaker and cheerleader, and shake the gloves, scarf, hat, pillow, cushion, etc.

Now export to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Canada and other countries.