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Rotary screen printing

Aug 16, 2017

The rotary screen printing machine usually consists of four parts, such as the inlet device, the printing machine head, the drying device and the falling cloth device.At present, round screen printing machine usually has eight colors, 12 colors, 16 colors, 24 colors and other rotary screen printing machines.The flowers of the printing machine mainly include 640mm and 904mm.Among them, 640mm of the circle screen printing machine to spend the most.The rotary screen printing machine has simple operation, small labor intensity, high yield, suitable for all kinds of fabric printing, and it is suitable for the printing of many small batch fabrics.

(1) the inlet and cloth installation of the rotary screen printing machine is equipped with cloth and cloth rolling stock.When the cloth is rolled into the cloth, it can press the swing type of the cloth roller to press the cloth into the printing device.When the cloth is in the cloth, the fabric will be finished with the rubber track.This track is coated with a layer of thermoplastic resin on the surface, and the fabric can be pressed flat.The rubber roller is equipped with infrared radiation heater to heat the resin on the crawler.Thermoplastic resin coating can be processed 20 ~ 1 million rice fabric.If found viscosity is not good, can be repainted a layer.

(2) printing device circular screen printing devices include round net, scraper, and pulping device.

1. Circular network is the flower plate of the printing machine.Made of nickel-metal, also known as ni net, with a hexagonal mesh.The ends of the circular net are fixed to prevent the distortion of the circular network during the printing, which affects the accuracy of the flowers, and can withstand the pressure of the color slurry and scraper.In order to improve the elasticity of the circular net and reduce the pressure, the circular network should deviate from the centerline mounting of the support roller, and generally deviate from about 16mm.Each frame has a reading device which can show the pressure of the blade.

2. The scraper round screen printing machine is installed on the scraper on the center line of the round net.The scraper is equipped with a scraper and equipped with a slurry tube.The blade is made of chromium, molybdenum, vanadium and steel alloy, with the characteristics of small friction coefficient and adjustable Angle.In the printing, the blade of the blade and the inner circle of the circle are tangent, the blade is used to apply pressure to the pulp, and the compound action of the auxiliary.

The blade pressure and position of the rotary screen printing machine can be adjusted to suit various kinds of patterns and various thick and thin fabrics printing.

3. Printing device circular screen printing machine is automatic feed.Each round network is equipped with a pulping system.Supply paste, will the machine set on the metal for slurry pipe, plastic pipe end and closed to the other end of the hose inserted into the paste inside the barrel and pump type rotary screen, color by electrode automatic control serum levels.

The rotary screen printing machine of drying and making device is dried by loose hot air.After the printing, it is separated from the rubber caterpillar, and the drying part is imported. The loose flat is placed on the polyester net, and the cloth is dried out by hot air.The cloth is pulled by the electric push shaft into the car.

The advantages and disadvantages of the circular screen printing machine have the advantages of low labor intensity, high production efficiency and strong adaptability to fabrics.Suitable for chemical fiber fabric, knitted fabrics, light fabrics printing.Can obtain flower type lively, color bright effect, and can avoid the spread of color defect.However, it is not ideal to print fine lines because of the restriction of circular network structure.