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sherpa fleece and coral fleece

Jul 26, 2017

Coral fleece generally have two d144f d288f 150 and 150, shu velveteen is generally 200 d, the biggest difference is that the shu velveteen is longer than the coral fleece MAO, gram weight is high, feel is more soft.Shu velveteen generally called woolly coral fleece.
Coral fleece English name: coral fleece, because is new products, so all kinds of English name also vary. Coral fleece imported DTY superfine fiber as raw material to manufacture. Compared with other textile products, its advantages particularly evident: including it is soft, fine, don't shed hair, easy dyeing.
Soft: fine filament number, small bending modulus, thus its fabric has excellent softness.Good coverage: due to the high density of fibers, specific surface area is large, thus good coverage.Taking good: because the fiber has a larger specific surface area, absorption effect and therefore have higher core permeability, wearing comfortable good decontamination: due to the fabric soft, can be wiped with objects fit closely, thus has good cleaning effect. Optical properties: because the fiber specific surface area is big, light reflection on the surface of the fiber assembly is poor, therefore, this kind of fibers of the fabric, colour quietly elegant, soft.
Coral fleece is a kind of new textile material, the best-selling fabrics.Products with soft, fine texture, environmental protection, etc.Mainly for the robe, baby products, children's wear, clothing lining, shoes and hats, toys, car accessories, handicrafts, household act the role ofing is tasted, etc materials.In recent years, more and more popular in the textile industry.