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suede fabric

Dec 20, 2017

Suede is divided into natural and artificial categories, and here refers to artificial suede.Suede wool fabric is the use of special textile materials, and with special dyeing and finishing process of textile fabrics, with special style is one of the current domestic market is relatively popular high-grade fabrics.Suede velvet handle and appearance are seemingly natural suede, the surface grain structure and the approximate natural suede, after special finishing, fine smooth, soft and full, more durable than natural suede, and easier to maintain.

In the cloth market, suede has become a variety of faux fur.They include the imitation leather of the denim, the imitation leather wool (the leather wool), the imitation leather wool, the imitation leather wool, the two side imitation leather, the elastic imitation leather wool, etc.

Suede fabric has a lot of properties and is no less than natural suede. There are many properties that are superior to natural suede, such as the soft texture of the fabric, sticky, drape and light.

The products are applicable to bags, shoes (lining, fabrics are suitable), clothing, car interior, clean cloth (eyeglasses), leather base cloth, high-end packaging boxes, lighting materials and so on.