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Super soft velboa short plush fabric

Jul 06, 2017

Short plush is a new type of knitted warp knitted fabric. Super soft short plush is a kind of short plush (latest variety), short plush series products, widely used in clothing, bags, shoes and hats, toys and other major fields.

The fabric surface is brushed after fluffy. one side and two sides cashmere fleece. Single cashmere to twill, also known as Serge velvet; fleece flannel cloth plain. Soft, wearing skin comfortable, warm and good, suitable for winter underwear, pajamas. Printing cloth, yarn dyed check flannel should do women, children in the spring and autumn coat. With the animal, flowers, fairy tale image pattern called Beibei cloth velvet, suitable for children with color. Cashmere, cashmere bleaching, colored velvet, sesame cashmere generally used as winter clothes, gloves, shoes and hats. The folder is brushed fleece flannel machine wire tip repeatedly pull up a part of the fiber, in the form of the fabric cloth, short fluff, dense, uniform. Printed flannelette printing before brushed, bleaching and mottled in last. Brushed flannel flannel warp yarn fabric should be thick and thin; weft should twist spinning less. Cotton fiber yarns should be thick, and good uniformity. The warp density is smaller, the weft density is large, so that the weft to the surface and is conducive to the formation of the full weft cotton fiber and evenly brushed flannel fluff. After the weft strength loss is bigger, therefore grasp the yarn quality and pull milling operation important. Fluffy cotton cloth, single-sided or double-sided fleece, especially for underwear and pajamas.