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Sustainable development chain moves the world, and the 2019 global textile and garment supply chain conference -- ho chi minh summit was successfully held

Apr 24, 2019

April 10-11, 2019, the world textile and garment supply chain conference -- ho chi minh city summit was held in ho chi minh city, Vietnam. More than 200 textile and garment entrepreneurs from China, Germany, the United States, Vietnam and other countries gathered together to discuss the coordinated development of the global textile and garment supply chain through keynote speeches, visits and exchanges and other rich activities.

Since the 1990s, the textile and garment industry in Vietnam has been developing rapidly. With a number of excellent Chinese enterprises, such as shenzhou, youngor, huafu, rutai, xurong, far east and jinfa, investing and setting up factories in Vietnam, the integration degree of the textile and garment industry in China and Vietnam is getting higher and higher.

It is of great significance to build a sustainable textile and apparel supply chain cooperation to promote the development of the global apparel industry and maintain the competitiveness of the textile and apparel industry of China and Vietnam.

Vice chairman of China textile industry association will ChangSunRuiZhe, Yang Jichao, da-peng Chen, hong-ping yuan, deputy secretary-general of the China textile information center director Qiao Yanjin, Vietnam textile and apparel association President Wu Dejiang, Vietnam Commerce Department, deputy director of the Bui Hoang Yen, consul of the People's Republic of China consulate general in ho chi minh city jiang liang, international textile manufacturers association secretary general Christian p. chindler, southeast Asia textile association, vice President of Nawasmittawong Jumnong,

State-run Vietnam textile and apparel group chief executive of Le Tien Truong, Vietnam, China chamber of commerce Gu Chaoqing, waffer holding, chairman Sun Weiting waffer fashion, Swiss textile co., LTD Chen Deqian, general manager of Asia Pacific region, the world wide fund for nature (Germany) water management manager Angela Ortigara guests and many other leaders in the textile and garment entrepreneurs attended the summit between the two countries.