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The 2017 Shenzhen international exhibition grand curtain accessories

Jul 07, 2017

The China International Trade Promotion Committee, Chinese textile textile industry branch information center, Shenzhen garment industry association, Frankfurt Exhibition (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. jointly organized the 2017 Shenzhen international textile fabrics and accessories exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "Shenzhen international exhibition materials") today at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center 6, 7, 9, the Grand Hall of the curtain, open three days of the business opportunities.


The Shenzhen international surface accessories exhibition covers an area of over 30000 square meters, bringing together over 700 exhibitors from China, China, Hongkong, China, Taiwan, Portugal, Japan, Korea and other countries and regions. All kinds of chemical fiber, knitting, silk, cotton, linen, wool, lace, embroidery fabric, yarn functional fiber and accessories and other high-quality exhibitors assembled here, jointly presented the latest fashion products, bring the front end of the textile market in Southeast Asia monsoon.

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China textile industry association president Wang Tiankai, Chinese Textile Industry Association Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee Vice Chairman, executive vice president of the textile industry branch Xu Yingxin, Chinese Textile Industry Association Advisory Committee Zhang Li, director of China Textile Information Center Joe Yan Jin, vice president of Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee, Frankfurt branch of the textile Industry Exhibition (Chang Qing Hongkong) Limited senior leadership general manager Wen Ting Industry Association attended the opening ceremony and visited some enterprises booth.


At the opening ceremony, Mr. Xu pointed out that the current fashion, the significance of cross-border cross-border behavior has gone beyond itself, but also represent a new way of life and industrial development trend, but also an important content of Chinese textile and garment industry to promote the supply side structural reform. The implementation of "the development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing, need to adhere to innovation driven, more need to integrate the new mode and new formats, grasp the new opportunities for industry development, find new impetus to industrial growth.

Mr. Xu hoped the exhibition play a positive role in promoting cross-border cooperation, design innovation, lead the industry to upgrade and so on, and make a positive contribution in promoting international exchanges and cooperation, foster new advantages of brand competition etc..

To carry out the first day, there are a large number of well-known brands sourcing, sea orchid house, Giordano, peacebird, pepco, court Nassau, Ma Tiannu, shadow, ports, anzheng century fashion, ochirly, Miss Sixty, Lam Tei, Xingtai PurCotton, 6ixty 8ight, monsoon, Lang, odbo, according to position, exceptions are Shenzhen. International Exhibition accessories professional audience, the exhibition site, business atmosphere prominent fashion elements.

More than 700 exhibitors carry the best exhibits for fashion inspection. Shenda knitting, knitting, wool spinning, Air Hong Kong Garden Guangzhou, Jinxi, a spinning cloth, golden ideas, wanshili silk textile, textile, textile Wai Zhen Dong resources industry, printing and dyeing, Dingji RGB textile, textile, Beijiang Nantong Hongfeng, Jiangsu, Jiangyin, Shandong Zhongheng everbrighter daiyin...... Many advantages of enterprises jointly presents silk, jeans, wool spinning, accessories and other exquisite products, attracting the eyes of buyers at home and abroad.

In the RGB textile booth, from morning to afternoon opening closing, popularity has been very popular, the exhibition company director Wang Lunfang introduction, this exhibition has gathered from around the world buyers, for enterprises to exploit the international market of great help. Company digital printing fabrics are mostly popular fabrics in spring and summer 2018, very recognized by professional audience.

Golden idea textile is the "old friend" of Shenzhen international surface accessories exhibition, and the audience of business negotiation in it stand always bustling. Deputy general manager Zhao Guomin bluntly, the next exhibition, their booth area must be expanded. He believes that the reason why booths are very popular, on the one hand, Shenzhen international surface accessories exhibition opportunity to meet the market demand for procurement, on the other hand, also benefited from the fast fashion concept of enterprises, in order to lead the trend.

In recent years, the Shenzhen International Exhibition of surface materials to further enhance the international influence, many countries and regions to choose form display. A member of the Korea Pavilion, Taiwan Pavilion, Chinese Japan Pavilion, Shengze Pavilion, Shaoxing Pavilion, Chinese hemp textile industry association and many other pavilions, not only enriched the Shenzhen international exhibition materials exhibits the trend of diversity, but also established the latest trend in the next season of Asian textile market. In addition, at the same time, there are 4 professional forums in the same period in an orderly manner, to further cultivate the fashion features of the surface accessories industry.

The first day of the exhibition the concern, a large number of professional audience to more fully reflect the influence of the Shenzhen International Exhibition of materials. The exhibition will continue until July 8th, many exhibitors and buyers have said, is looking forward to three days with! Shenzhen international fashion accessories exhibition, in the summer, business achievement!

Wonderful, so you won't come yet?

July 6th ~8

Welcome to Shenzhen Exhibition Center, 6, 7 and 9!