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The difference between fake rabbit fur,raccoon fur and fake fox fur

Sep 21, 2018

The characteristics of rabbit hair: capillary, soft, short, thin, the hand touch is very smooth, easy to color, has a natural luster; because of its soft hair characteristics, rabbit hair is generally used to make the fur collar of the coat The price of rabbit hair is often based on the splicing and dyeing effect of rabbit hair to distinguish the price.

The characteristics of the raccoon hair: thick hair, long hair, dense, with fluff and long needles; good warmth, smooth hand, with natural luster; not easy to color, so the price of the color will be higher than The color of the uncolored scorpion is very high; the scorpion hair is also the most used in the high-end brand, because it has the same luxurious and extravagant sensory effect as the fox fur;

The raccoon hair is divided into the hair on the back of the scorpion, the tail hair of the scorpion belly and the tail hair of the scorpion. The price of each part is different. The hair on the back of the scorpion is the most expensive. It is characterized by: more fluff, soft, hair. The needles are many and long, and the more the needles are, the higher the price will be. The price of the belly hair and tail hair of the scorpion is about half cheaper than the price of the hair on the back of the scorpion. It may be difficult for non-professionals to distinguish between good and bad. The characteristics are: there are many fluff, basically no hair needle, and the hand feel is rough.

The characteristics of the fox fur: similar to the characteristics of the raccoon hair, it is more difficult for the average person to distinguish the raccoon hair from the fox fur. Compared with the fox hair, the fox fur has the same rough feeling of luxury as the raccoon hair. It is more soft and delicate than rabbit fur, so fox fur is also the highest price among these kinds of fur. Of course, the fox also divides the fox's body hair and tail hair. The price of the hair is higher than the tail hair. Several times, because of its high price, only in some very high-end brands and brand-name clothing, will the whole fox body hair be used. The average brand usually uses the fox tail hair to decorate the brim of the cotton jacket.