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the difference between flannel and coral fleece

Dec 22, 2017

the difference between flannel and coral fleece

1. Flannel grams grams, that is to say it thick fabric, high cost, good warmth;


2. Flannel plush more delicate and dense, plush coral cashmere coarser and sparse; so coral fleece prone to hair loss, while the flannel will not easily lose hair;


3. The same pattern, coral cashmere fabric will look more fuzzy, flannel fabric will be more clear and bright


Although flannel and coral velvet two fabrics have a comfortable sense of wearing and a good warmth, but the two fabrics are completely different, after a detailed comparison of the flicker found that the difference between the feel and warmth In terms of, flannel better, because the flannel uses wool as raw material.


Summary: Flannel and coral cashmere has its own biggest advantage is that warm, flannel is more suitable for trousers, tops, children's wear, etc., can also be used as a thin shirt and skirt fabric, coral velvet The soft texture, more suitable for pajamas, can each have their own advantages.

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