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The difference between flat knitting machine and circular knitting machine

Feb 02, 2018

The difference between flat knitting machine and circular knitting machine

Knitting is the main process of the production of sweaters, knitting machine knitting machine and circular machine two. As the flat knitting machine has many advantages, such as increasing or decreasing the number of needles to knit the body with the appropriate pieces of clothing, do not need to cut through the clothing, both to save raw materials and reduce the process, pattern changes, change varieties Convenience, etc., so most companies choose sweater knitting machine. However, due to the circular machine with fast, high yield characteristics, but also more and more attention by some manufacturers.

Knitting machine has a flat knitting machine and circular knitting machine, here said flat knitting machine is a broad knitting machine, including the so-called home knitting machine and iron knitting machine.But we usually say that home knitting machine, brother \ silver Flute \ panda \ new wide \ standard \ ... and other brands, most of which have the characteristics of more features. The so-called horizontal knuckle refers to the processing just made to and from the movement of the machine, many brands such as the red flag horse \ \ Sheng Xing \ Flying Tiger \ Bear \ 常 工 \ ........... and other brands, the number of stitches from the beginning of the 1.5 have, is 1,5 \ 3 \ 5 \ 6 \ 7 \ 9 \ 10 \ 11 \ 12 \ 14 \ 16 \ 18 ... and so the number of stitches, the length of 36 inches \ 40 \ 42 \ 44 \ .... etc .. Its function than the so-called home-based machine less. Jacquard knitting machine with a flower card, and now only one manufacturer in the production of Jacquard knitting machine, also limited to 5.5 and 7 needles, in the absence of other models, the needle selection method with the silver card machine

In addition, the household preparation machine is also used in the factory, flat knitting machines are also used in the home, so there is no strict boundaries, and now widely used for personal home flat knitting machine used to be used in the factory mass production.