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The knowledge of garment fabrics

May 25, 2018

1, linen: is a kind of plant fiber, known as the cool and noble fiber, it has good hygroscopic, fast wet, not easy to produce large electrostatic heat conduction, rapid heat dissipation, cool wear, sweating, not fit, more resistant to water washing, good heat resistance.

2, mulberry silk: natural animal protein fiber, smooth and soft, rich luster, warm in summer and cool in summer, there is a unique "Silk sounding" phenomenon, good extensibility, good heat resistance, salt water erosion, chlorine bleach or detergent should not be used.

3, viscose: wood, cotton short velvet, reed and other natural cellulose material chemical material processing, also often called artificial cotton, with the basic properties of natural fibers, good dyeing performance, good fastness, fabric softness, high ratio, good draping, good moisture absorption, cool, not easy to produce static, pilling and ball.

4, acetate fiber: the natural material containing cellulose is made by chemical processing. It has the style of silk. It is comfortable and comfortable. It has good elasticity and resilience. It is not suitable for washing, and the color fastness is poor.

5, polyester: polyester fiber, with excellent elasticity and resilience, fabric is clean, no wrinkle, good shape, high strength, good elasticity, long wear and good light resistance, but easy to produce static and poor hygroscopicity.

6, polyamide: polyamide fiber, also the so-called nylon, dyeability in synthetic fiber is better, wearing light, and good waterproof and wind resistance, high wear resistance, strength elasticity are very good.

7, polypropylene fiber: appearance resembles wool Rong silk or cotton, have waxy feel and luster, elasticity and resilience are generally not easy to wrinkle the proportion of small, light, comfortable clothing, faster transmission of sweat to keep the skin comfortable, strength wear resistance is better durable, not resistant to high temperature.

8, spandex: with excellent elasticity and elastic fiber, also known as Leica, good elasticity, smooth feeling, low hygroscopicity, good weather resistance and chemical resistance, machine washable, poor heat resistance.

9, long hair cashmere: also called cashmere, the fluff is smooth and upright, the hair is strong, warm, bright, soft, full and thick, warm and portable, and has good wear resistance.

10, poplin: fine texture, light and thin, soft cloth, smooth and crisp, with clear grain, glossy and smooth texture, and good texture.

11, satin: smooth, delicate, soft, glossy, bright and bright, with good elasticity and tight texture.

12, Oxford cloth: Featured cotton fabric, with soft handle, natural luster, more air holes, comfortable clothing, good shape and good shape.

13, corduroy: soft handle, velvet straight, clear texture, full fur, firm and durable.

14, rabbit hair: small proportion, good warmth, elastic, with strong hygroscopic, soft, warm, beautiful and other characteristics, poor cohesion, low strength, easy to drop hair.

15, Ma Haimao: high strength, high resilience, strong crease resistance, good abrasion resistance and hygroscopicity, strong antifouling, good dyeing property, no shrinkage and no shrinkage.

16, synthetic filament: firm, wear-resistant, easy to wash, easy to dry, and not easy to wrinkle, not deformation and so on.

17, silk: bright, noble, certain straight wire content, can make the product feel more slippery, more dense, glossy, comfortable, elegant, luxurious, good elastic strength, good hygroscopicity, wear breathable and comfortable.

18, bamboo fiber: a kind of environment-friendly fiber, bamboo has the characteristics of antibacterial and anti violet line. In the process of purifying the fiber, it protects the natural antibacterial, bacteriostasis, deodorization and anti ultraviolet substances with high technology. It has a strong air permeability, fabric draping, silk smooth, bright coloring, antibacterial, deodorizing, ultraviolet prevention and repeated washing. Many functions.

19, fiber: commonly known as "artificial wool" with soft, warm, strong strong characteristics, surface smooth, tight structure, not easy to deform, water washing minimal after washing.

20, mercerized wool: Hikaruzawa Youwa, delicate soft, strong hygroscopicity, good air permeability, comfortable and non stick with the general heating function and keep the body refreshing, good heat resistance.

21, 100 Merino wool: smooth and smooth surface, anti pilling, after scaling, reducing felt shrinkage, low shrinkage, no deformation after machine washing, good gloss, good elasticity, good warmth, plump feel, soft and comfortable, suitable for body wearing.