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What are the common fabrics for plush toy fabrics?

Aug 09, 2017

What are the common fabrics for plush toy fabrics? Plush fabric in plush toys, the main products are dense velvet, velvet, peacock, peach, pine needles, fishbone, PV cashmere, and the special finishing of these products.  

More common plush toys fabrics are the following: Such as South Korea plush velvet, peacock, sheep cashmere, cashmere sunflower V yarn, T yarn, and Tactic such as straw cashmere,cashmere water,steam plush;  Short category are plush scissors, super soft velvet, velvet towel and so on. The most common market of plush toys should be South Korea velvet fabric, cashmere yarn, V, (simulation animal toy more), sheep cashmere, coral fleece, super soft velvet, cashmere wool.

Plush toys have a lot of material, but often used cloth is not very cumbersome.

Wool cloth commonly used a few years ago, but the general feeling, but in recent years is not very popular, usually use the super soft shearing cloth, feels very soft, and generally used is about 1.5mm long hair and super soft crystal is also popular.

Generally do not recommend the gifts gift company to choose this, because the cost is relatively high! Side of Columbus, no hair, usually as a toy inside, also some customers as the main material, because the cost is relatively low. Flat velvet, no flexibility, but the effect is quite good, but not so soft feel super soft!