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What is Polar fleece

Jan 26, 2018

Polar Fleece knitting machine is composed of woven, woven fabric after first dyed, after picking and carding, wool, fleece and other complex process, positive brushedabric, fleece intensive and not readily fluffy hair and pilling, opposite napped sparse symmetry, fluffy elastic especially good. Its composition is generally full of polyester, feel soft.

Polar Fleece: generally 100%polyester.

According to the specifications of polyester fiber: long fiber (filament), short fiber (spun), superfine fiber (Micro-polar fleece).

Among them, the superfine quality is the best and the price is the highest! In addition, there are Drop-needle polar fleece, which has a larger proportion.

In the same place, there is also the spandex of the sheep linen. Because of the difficult quality, the technology needs to be further improved.

The Polar Fleece in Zhejiang is the most beautiful hair is cheap, but the quality is very hard to say, it's quality in Shanghai can also, but the price is high; Suzhou price and quality are in between, in the middle position.

Polar Fleece is divided into long fiber and short fiber.

The price of short fiber sheep and fleece is slightly higher than that of long fiber sheep and fleece.

Polar Fleece is usually made of 32S polyester yarn. Its English (100% Polyester Spun polar fleece) is in which the flax grey sheep and the velvet is also a short fiber sheep.

The fleece is usually made of polyester filament. It can be made of polyester 150D96F, 150D48F, 150D144F, 150D288F, 75D72F, 75D144F, 100D144F, 100D288F and so on. Its English expression (100% polyester filament polar fleece), in general, the higher the F value, the better the fabric feel, and the higher the price of the sheep's velvet. For example, 100D144F, 150D144F and other cashmere are already superfine linen.

Polar Fleece can be divided into low elastic silk, DTY and FDY. Their English expression is (100% polyester Micro-polar fleece). The door width is usually 60 inches, and the weight is generally between 150-450 grams. In general, most of the wool, which makes the blankets, is the majority.

The fleece can be used as a garment, with the price of 300--- RMB 2000 yuan. In addition, sheep cashmere can do bedding, carpet, coat, jacket, coat, vest, cheering squad, sheep cashmere gloves, scarves, hats, pillows, cushions, etc..

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