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What is Shu velveteen / Sherpa fleece

Dec 15, 2017

The Shu velveteen/Sherpa fleece, it is weft knitted coral fleece. Yarn count is 150D/288F. Soft hand, no hair, no ball, style diversification. It is the rising and popular knitted fabric in the last two years. It is widely used in the production and processing of clothing, toys and bedding products, and is favored by the large garment factories, supermarkets and traders at home and abroad. Shu velveteen/Sherpa fleece production technology from the United States, after the technology was introduced into Korea, recently came into China.

It is a single cell fiber from the protrusion of the cottonseed ovule, which is extended thickened and enriched. The main component is cellulose, and the content of some varieties is up to 90%. In short more than 13mm for the length of the spinning, as cellulose raw material less than 13mm. It is similar to cashmere, but also filamentous Plush texture, good warmth retention. It is used in plush toys, blankets and clothing lining, and now it is also popular with the surface of gifts and leisure shoes. It is through the polyester silk knitting machine (small), formed by weaving, picking two production cost, finally dyeing processing. Compared with Shu velveteen/Sherpa fleece or Polar fleece, plush, equally warm and environmental protection, but the cost ratio of fleece low cost, lower ratio of defective products is easy to control the production process in. The market is gradually becoming a reasonable substitute for cashmere. The process flow is POY raw silk to one roller feeding, heating, deformation, cooling, false twist, two roller feeding, two heat box heating, three rollers feeding, oil on the top and DTY winding.