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What is the character of coral fleece?

Jul 01, 2019

Coral fleece fabric is a new kind of fabric which has just been bulged up in recent years in China. It can replace the Polar fleece fabric. It is called coral fleece because of its high fiber density, coralline shape and good hiding ability. It is as light and soft as living corals and has many colors. The common coral fleece fabrics are made of superfine polyester fibers, such as 150D/288F, 150D/144F and 300D/576F.


The texture is very delicate, the skin feels extremely soft and comfortable, suitable for any skin. It has good masking property, high fiber density and large surface area, so it has higher wicking effect and air permeability. Together, coralline velvet can not afford Plush balls and does not fade. It is the preferred choice for winter warmth household clothing, children's clothing, baby products, clothing, home textiles and so on.

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