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What is the difference between flannel fabric and coral fleece fabric blanket?

Nov 22, 2017

flannel fleece: Flannel colour and lustre is plain and neat and easy, can be in light grey, grey, dark grey, suitalbe for making the spring and autumn period and the jacket and trousers for men and women, flannel gram weight is high, the wool cloth with soft nap is fairly smooth and dense, fabric thickness, high cost, good warmth retention property.

The flannel was covered with a plump and fine nap, with a soft, smooth feel and a slightly thinner body than melton.Velvet, hair finishing, the hand is full, the velvety is exquisite.

coral fleece:The texture is exquisite, the hand feels soft, not the ball, not fade, but because the weaving principle will slight hair.The absorbent performance is excellent, which is three times the total cotton product.No irritation to the skin, no allergy.Beautiful appearance, rich color.It is the newly emerging cotton bathrobe substitute products in China.

The difference between them:

Production process: 

Before weaving is the wool flannel fabrics after dyeing craft, join the beige wool blended woven, used the plain weave and twill weave skill, at the same time after milling and processing, hair weaving products have the characteristics of the soft and tight.

Coral fleece fabric used polyester fiber as raw materials, weaving process is mainly through the heating, deformation, cooling, finalize the design, weaving process are improved year by year and upgrading, constantly adding new technology, make the fabric more rich administrative levels feeling and rich color.

Raw material:

From the choice of raw materials, the wool made from flannel is very different from the polyester fiber used in coral wool.

Warm effect:

Using wool as the raw material flannel is superior, so it can be seen that the difference between the two fabrics is the cost of fabric, the thermal effect, the feeling of the hand and the density of the fabric fluff and whether the wool is lost or not.