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What is the the characteristics and advantages of coral fleece?

Jul 16, 2019

Coral fleece fabric also be called coral velvet fabric, as its name implies, is a coral-like textile fabric with colorful and good coverage. It is a new kind of fabric. Fine texture, soft feel, not easy to shed hair, no ball. Don't fade. No irritation to the skin, but not allergic. Beautiful appearance and rich color.

Advantages: Coral velvet is manufactured from imported DTY superfine fibers. Compared with other textiles, its advantages are particularly obvious: soft handle, delicate, no hair loss, easy dyeing.

Soft handle: Single filament has fine size and small bending modulus, so its fabric has excellent softness.

Good coverage: Because of the high density between fibers and the large specific surface area, the coverage is good.

Good wearability: Because of the larger specific surface area of the fibers, it has a higher wicking effect and air permeability, comfortable wear and good decontamination: Because the fabric is flexible, it can closely adhere to the wiped object, so it has a good cleaning effect.

Optical property: Because of the large specific surface area of the fibers, the light reflection on the surface of the fiber aggregate is poor. Therefore, the fabrics made of this kind of fibers have a light and soft color.


It is easy to cause static electricity, because there will be hair loss phenomenon in weaving principle, it is recommended to wash it before wearing it. (Dry skin in winter, use moisturizer before wearing it, or use electrostatic detergent when washing). In order to shed floating hair, people with skin allergies and asthma should avoid wearing this fabric.

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